About Dr. Amanda Higgins

The Natural Pharmacist

Hi, my name is Amanda! I am a clinically trained pharmacist with an extensive history of disease state management. After working tirelessly to climb the corporate ladder and putting my work before my own physical and mental health, I realized that our healthcare system is broken. The traditional medical approach of a “pill for every ill” was not working for me, I was still suffering. When I talked with doctors, they recommended more medication or just to lose weight. But how? I was stuck in a vicious cycle of pain and complete exhaustion. How could I possibly fit more into my life that when I tried, it caused my symptoms to get worse? I started looking into other approaches to healing the body and my eyes were opened to a whole new world of possibilities. Soon I dove into researching everything I could about essential oils, integrative medicine, Ayurveda and more. I started to see results in my own life and thought why are we not teaching our patients these things? If they work for me, they can work for my patients too!

That is how Natural Pharmacist was started. I am on a mission to teach people about integrative health and how they can finally heal their body and be free of symptoms. By teaching you how your body works and getting to the root cause of the problem, I hope to empower you to make choices for your own health and wellbeing so you can live the life you desire. There’s no need to suffer anymore, there are other options. It’s time to change your life!

Want to learn more about integrative health? Check out this blog post to learn more! Still have questions? Book a free consultation to see if integrative health is a right fit for you!



Doctor of Pharmacy

Integrative Health Practitioner Level 1

Integrative Pharmacy Specialist Level 1 and 2

Introduction to Herbal Certificate

Medication Therapy Management Certification

Pharmacy-Based Travel Health Services

Immunization Certification

HIV Specialist

Diploma in Natural Skincare Formulation